About us

BuildCabo designs dream homes with expansive floorplans and unexpected features, and innovative uses of space, texture, and style. Views are paramount in our approach, and exacting quality is the firm's hallmark on the construction side ...
Craig Osso heads the design and build team at BuildCabo. With over a dozen years of homebuilding experience in Baja, and north of a hundred homes designed, Osso brings a wealth of ideas and knowledge unique to the region ...
BuildCabo believes that the most satisfying projects are achieved when the client's requirements are integrated into a design that's harmonious with the terrain ...


BuildCabo specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, innovative and uniquely appealing homes in the Cabo San Lucas, San Jose and East Cape areas. Our homes run the gamut from mission-style rustic colonial, to single-level “Rancho Santa Fe” hacienda, to contemporary Mexican.


Casa Altozano 2 – Video
Casa Sol y Mar
Casa Dos Hermanos
Casa Isabelle
Hacienda Paloma
Casa Mar Y Estrella
Estancia Los Frailes
Casa Cardonal
Casa Glende


When you require the best

BuildCabo designs dream homes with expansive floorplans, innovative features, and creative uses of space, texture, and style. Views are paramount in our approach, and crafting unique designs that optimize the terrain and incorporate the desires of the client are our specialty. Each blueprint is a work of love and art, and our attention to detail is unmatched.

Ask to see examples of the style of architecture you’re interested in – be it Contemporary Mexican, Hacienda-style, Rustic Colonial, or something in between. Chances are we’ve drawn multiple examples of the style you’re considering, so our fluency is easy to verify. Experience designing for real-world clients and meeting all their expectations can’t be underscored enough. It’s the small things, the attention to the minutiae, as well as overall competence and comfort with a style, that separates a ho-hum design from a brilliant one. Because we build, and also because of our background, we often have a uniquely different perspective from many of our peers designing in Baja. Take some time and discover that difference, and how it can be put to use for you.


Quality built into every project

BuildCabo only builds a select number of special homes each year, ensuring each gets the benefit of our full and complete attention. We understand the uncertainty of building thousands of miles away from home in a land where many of the customs and standards are different, and where horror stories of builds gone badly wrong abound. You can only do so many builds to top quality levels in any given period, and our approach recognizes that truism. Every home is critically important to us, as they are our advertising and our legacy. There’s no such thing as just another house – your Baja home is the most important investment you’ll likely ever make, and we take the responsibility of creating it extremely seriously. Our library of successfully completed homes, delivered on time and on budget, validates our commitment to excellence in every step of the process.