BuildCabo specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, innovative and uniquely appealing homes in the Cabo San Lucas…

BuildCabo specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, innovative and uniquely appealing homes in the Cabo San Lucas, San Jose and East Cape areas. Our homes run the gamut from mission-style rustic colonial, to single-level “Rancho Santa Fe” hacienda, to contemporary Mexican. We are fluent in the prevalent styles of the region, with an emphasis on exacting attention to detail, open floorplans and panoramic views. And when it’s time to put spade to dirt and build that dream home, BuildCabo can offer a library of custom homes built from cutting-edge materials, with satisfied clients in the most prestigious marquee communities. Browse our testimonials, or contact us for a reference list.

Things we can do for you


BuildCabo specializes in an innovative design approach that maximizes views and features dramatic styling unmatched in the region. Each plan incorporates all the desires of the client, and melds it with our perspective on the style sought. The result is a unique home unlike any other, a custom creation that exemplifies attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, and creativity. Our library of satisfied design clients is validation for our approach.



BuildCabo builds a limited number of high-quality custom homes per year. Attention to detail, high quality standards, US fit and finish, sensible pricing and achievable timelines are our imperatives, and our approach is to limit the number of homes we have in progress at any given time so that we can get each home’s execution to the high quality expectations of our select clientele. BuildCabo specializes in on-budget, on-time construction, at fair prices and to the highest quality levels. Clients enjoy regular e-mail photographs of construction progress, a written quality manual implemented by a seasoned Baja building team, a written change order policy, and service designed to exceed that of any other builder in Baja. We use the highest quality material in our builds, and require our suppliers to meet standards far in excess of many builders in the region. And our integration of space-age materials into traditional construction technique results in thermally-superior houses at no additional client cost, with reduced ongoing operating expense and energy consumption.

Browse our Projects section for a few of our completed builds. BuildCabo is committed to delivering high quality homes at realistic prices. We have a crack team of proven, seasoned performers, both Mexican and American, whose combination of experience and motivation results in a superior product. We are out in the field building important homes every day, delivering the goods, so our rhetoric is backed by solid, viewable projects. Once you do the research, we believe you’ll appreciate the BuildCabo difference. If you’re serious about building your dream home, and want to ensure a trouble and risk-free build, you should contact us to discuss your project.