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BuildCabo designs dream homes with expansive floorplans and unexpected features, and innovative uses of space, texture, and style. Views are paramount in our approach, and exacting quality is the firm’s hallmark on the construction side. We are a Cabo-based team with successful experience designing and building significant homes in Cabo, San Jose, and the East Cape.

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BuildCabo specializes in the design and construction of beautiful, innovative and uniquely appealing homes in the Cabo San Lucas, San Jose and East Cape areas. Our homes run the gamut from mission-style rustic colonial, to single-level “Rancho Santa Fe” hacienda, to contemporary Mexican with the highest finish levels. We are fluent in the prevalent styles of the region, with an emphasis on exacting attention to detail, open floorplans and panoramic views. And when it’s time to put spade to dirt and build that dream home, BuildCabo can offer a library of custom homes built from cutting-edge materials, with satisfied clients in the most prestigious marquee communities.


BuildCabo believes that the most satisfying projects are achieved when the client’s requirements are integrated into a design that’s harmonious with the terrain. Every client is different, and every project’s imperatives are different, and flexibility in approach is key. Our process is designed to clarify precisely what clients want to achieve, and then we create a design that’s a unique expression of those requirements. Style, flair, and surprising twists are only some of the elements we bring to the design table; an emphasis on optimizing views is integral to our approach, as is crafting a project that is innovative and stunning. We strive to create a hierarchy of experiences as one walks through the spaces, and to us every home is an opportunity to surpass all previous efforts. Designing is an expression of excellence, and we view each new project as our chance to raise the bar another notch, while meeting the client’s budgetary goals.

When we move to construction, whether it’s one of our designs or another architect’s, we believe in over-engineering to ensure a safe and reliable structure. Beyond ensuring structural integrity, BuildCabo uses revolutionary materials in order to maximize thermal efficiency, resulting in cooler homes that require far less energy to keep them comfortable. And our finish teams come from one of the most prestigious communities in the area, and have vast depth in building many multi-million dollar homes to the most exacting standards. BuildCabo takes residential construction in Baja to a new level; our homes represent unmatched quality and attention to detail, and can be found in marquee communities and on beachfronts throughout Los Cabos, San Jose and the East Cape.