Before you approach anyone to design and build, you need to do your homework. This checklist is designed to prepare you for the job.


  • Copy of Fideicomiso.
  • Copy of Property Tax Statement.
  • Plot plan.
  • CC&Rs for your development.
  • Idea of approximate square footage you want (interior – due to wall thickness, Mexican homes will average 10-15% larger than American).
  • Understanding of number of bedrooms, and number of levels you wish to build.
  • Rough idea of style of architecture you prefer (going through architectural magazines, or searching the web and finding homes you like, is a good way of conveying what you want to wind up with).
  • Rough idea of budget goals.
  • Timeline goal. Is it realistic? Overly aggressive? Have you taken Hurricane Season into account? Figure 90-120 days or so for plans, and then 10-14 months construction time from targeted groundbreaking date. Difficult lots can take longer as retaining walls and landfill can take a good month or two. Be sure to allow time for pulling permits, and for your homeowner’s association to review your plans, propose changes, have the plans changed, and do a final approval.
  • Contact info for the development head or homeowner’s association review board.