BuildCabo specializes in an innovative design approach that maximizes views and features dramatic styling unmatched in the region. Each plan incorporates all the desires of the client, and melds it with our perspective on the style sought. The result is a unique home unlike any other, a custom creation that exemplifies attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, and creativity. Our library of satisfied design clients is validation for our approach.

Our design philosophy is to create a reflection of the client’s desires and requirements, resulting in a unique luxury home that’s distinctly superior. We take great pride in maximizing the strong points of the terrain, and creating designs that are harmonious with the geography and topography. We work with clients to ensure design choices not only reflect their wants, but also their budgetary goals – design is where many of the cost battles are won or lost, based upon features and finishes and approaches to landfill and retaining walls. Our years of experience deliver unmatched value for our clients, ensuring they get maximum bang from their design dollar and wind up with a plan that meets their aesthetic as well as cost goals. And because we do considerable construction, we integrate a pragmatic understanding of construction realities into every design, ensuring that every home can be built without unpleasant surprises down the road.

Efficiency in the design process allows us to turn a complete blueprint in an extremely aggressive time frame, ensuring that projects move forward with momentum, instead of languishing forever in the drafting process. With costs to build escalating seemingly monthly, we recognize the urgency in delivering a complete design with no waste or latency.


Clients generally tend to request one of three primary styles when building in Cabo. Those styles fall loosely into one of the following buckets: Neo-classical/Colonial, Contemporary Mexican, and “Hacienda/Rancho Santa Fe.” There are infinite variations, but these are the broad types, and what follows are recent projects grouped into those three categories. All share the common approaches of large greatrooms, an expansive feel to the living spaces, “wow” entries and views, and functional, livable floorplans with interesting twists.

These homes range from 3500 sq feet interior space under roof, to 7500+. Average size is 4500. These numbers do not include terraces or deck space. This is not an exhaustive catalog of our work, but rather a sampling to provide depth on the styles.


This style is typified by campenario entries, handcrafted brick domes, columns, arches, curves, arched windows, courtyards, colonial styling, rustic sensibility. Sometimes referred to as “Palmilla” design approach, what it really is intended to capture is a hint of Mission styling, a dash of mainland colonial architecture, a sprinkle of Majorca, all wrapped up in a graceful, soft, elegant expression that is uniquely Mexican. Below are various approaches to the genre, ranging from “I want it to look like a 300 year old Mission home” to “I want the new style Palmilla look, on the hill” to “Give us something different than the boxy, tract home with faux Tuscan styling we are seeing – give us curves and drama and elegance, something with flavor.”

Los Frailes, east cape, Beachfront:

1front facade
2frailes side

Fundadores, Puerto los cabos, Ocean View:

El Cardonal, east cape, Beachfront:

Puerto los cabos, El Altillo, Ocean View:

Puerto Los Cabos, Fundadores, Ocean View:

Contemporary Mexican:

Another style very popular in Cabo is Contemporary Mexican, which is exemplified in the work of Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta. Clean, modern, eschewing ornamentation and flair, this style is one of the more exciting to work in where a modern sensibility is sought. The focus is on geometric precision, and it is one of the true “pure” Mexican architectural styles.


Los Frailes, East cape, Beachfront:

Todos Santos, Beachfront:

Puerto Los Cabos, Fundadores:

hacienda/Rancho Santa Fe

This style is a blend of “Hacienda” styling with a bit of Italian Country flair, and some California Coastal thrown in for good measure. It is very Mexican, very Baja, but it combines the Mexican with other styling queues to arrive at a feeling of Baja, but with a more modern sensibility than a rustic one. Very popular, it allows wide variation in floorplans and facade styling, and for many is the perfect blend of colonial flavor with Baja sensibility.

puerto los cabos, fundadores, Ocean View:

Vinorama, East Cape, Ocean VieW:

Cresta Del Mar, Ocean View:

Puerto Los Cabos, Fundadores, Ocean view: